Basement Dwelling

This blog entry begins with some crucial context: Paul and I are building a new home, and for the last couple months have been living with a friend because our house sold and the new one won’t be done until November.

More specifically, we elected to live in a friend’s basement. The rent is good and, most importantly, our LOUD dogs can live here without getting us evicted. With our two and my friend’s two, there are four dogs in the house, so it’s like constantly living in a doggy daycare.

But I digress – the reason for boring you with the above has to do with what this has inspired in my writing. You see, living in a basement reminds me a lot of being a vampire and hiding from the daylight. Lurking in the shadows, comfortable but hidden.

And I am in the midst of writing my fourth installment in my vampire series, The Realm of the Vampire Council. I had no idea when we embarked on this temporary living situation that it would leak into my story. Of course, that should not surprise me. After all these years, the Muse still surprises me with where she find inspiration?! Come on.

But, alas, she did it again. I assumed I would enjoy hanging with my friends here, watching four dogs frolic about, and get ready to move. That’s all true – but . . .

The setting has become the spot of a scene. (I can’t say more, what with spoilers and all.) Thoughts pop into my head about what a vampire would do or think, all because I am living underground. More eerie, I don’t get as many of my ideas from my usual places. I often think of things to write while on my jog. Not so much here. Or when driving around. Not really. It’s the basement, calling to me.

Maybe it’s because of October, with the spirit world closer to us. Or my brain is all frazzled from its lost routine and a unique environment. Or the Muse switched things up just to fuck with me – she LOVES to do that. Probably all three.

Happy October, everyone!

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