New Years Updates/Announcements

Hi, All,

First, I recognize that I have been out of contact for far too long. I left for the Holiday Break, intending to come back right after the New Year, but life had other plans. Below, find news about my novels, as well as a brief tribute and explanation for my absence.

I continue to have exciting news about my novels, and especially my relationship with NineStar Press! As The Vampire’s Protege continues to receive positive reviews and reach readers, we are actively preparing for the re-release of The Vampire’s Angel, coming this March! I want to emphasize the following: this is not just sending the same novel out into the universe! No – NineStar and I completely revamped and streamlined The Vampire’s Angel into an even better version! And –  drum roll, please – NineStar and I signed an agreement to republish The Vampire’s Quest! Again, this will constitute an improved and updated version, with the goal of NineStar eventually releasing all the vampire books, and continuing them into the future!!

On a side note, I write with a heavy heart this month, as my being out of touch stemmed from the passing of my father on December 26th.  He had been in declining health for sometime and suffered from dementia. In so many ways, for him and my mom, his dying eased a lot of pain, suffering, and difficulties. Still, sending such a loving man off was not easy. He loved my family so much! His acceptance of my coming out in the early 90s best exemplifies the kind, generous man that supported all of us through the years. I miss him. I loved him to the moon and back.

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Holiday Wishes and a Lambda Review

Hi, All,

Before I get to my holiday wishes for everyone, I am super excited to share a review of The Vampire’s Protege from Lambda Literary!!  This is the first time I am reviewed on their website as an exclusive about my novel, thus the reason for my excitement!!  Here is the Link: Lambda Review.

Even more importantly, I want to wish all of you a Happy Holidays! In whatever form you celebrate them, or if you choose to ignore them altogether, I wish you peace and happiness. Take time to spend with whatever you see as your family, your friends, and surround yourself with love. This time of year brings with it the chance to reflect on both the good and bad of the year.

I myself faced some challenges, tremendous sadness in my family, and not a small amount of anxiety about the shit show that is American politics right now (though how about the Doug Jones win for a bit of a lift!). Yet I saw the publication of my latest novel, felt the support and love of family and friends, and spent a lot of time enjoying life’s pleasures amidst its difficulty.

Everyone lives the life of a novel every year. That’s what so many of us write about as authors! Thank you, as always, for checking out my blog. I’ll see you in the New Year!


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The Vampire’s Protege – More Reviews!

Hi, All,

As we find ourselves immersed in the holidays, don’t forget to buy those you love a copy of The Vampire’s Protege!! Even grandma needs a little gay vampire sex to liven up the season.

Speaking of Charon and the gang, here are a couple of recent news items about it (click the hyperlinks to read the entire story):

The Windy City Times, my hometown gay rag – reviewed it recently: “It’s a pity summer is over: The Vampire’s Protege is a fun beach read or sick day indulgence, and you will want to read more of this story as it continues.”

And! WHOO HOO! It received a 2017 Rainbow Awards honorable mention, as well as a flattering comparison to Anne Rice: “The central character, Charon, reminds me a lot of LeStat De Lioncourt – Anne Rice, with his bratty self, doing things his own way with disregard for the rules.”

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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Thanksgiving and Updates

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I try to remind myself, I want to encourage all of us at Thanksgiving to take time to reflect on what makes us thankful.  Frankly, the last year challenged that in a myriad of ways. For me, politics went in the dumper and continues to scare the hell out of me. And I have an elderly father in the last days of his life. But if I dwell on the misery – well, I miss that life usually delivers both ends of the spectrum. So I think about the love in my life, with my family, from Paul to the dogs to my families in Colorado and Michigan to my family of close friends. I think about my current good health. I even stopped to watch a plane land today in Chicago – thinking of the amazing beauty as that machine seemingly glided through the air without effort, and with a nice sunny blue backdrop on this chilly Chicago day. Yeah – I a lot has me worried and a little down, but a lot has me encouraged, and happy, too. Here’s to hoping that balance exists for you, too.

Speaking of something happy – reviews and reactions to The Vampire’s Protege continue to come in.  Please follow the links below for more information:

Another review was recently posted! This one includes the reviewer doing a quick Q&A with me, so that’s pretty cool! Follow the hyperlinks to view the review and the back and forth.  Elisabeth Hammill’s Review. Q&A with Elisabeth.

And I did a radio interview this week, which offers about 45 minutes of a conversation I had with Tony Kay about The Vampire’s Protege! My kind friends and family think it sounds good. I was nervous and it’s one of those things about the sound of your own voice . . . Ugh. That being said, it was fun to go into more depth about my characters and fiction writing in general. Anyway, you decide what you think!  Here’s the link: ArtistFirst-SerbuInterview

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Happy Unicorn Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! One of the best times of year for a horror writer, to be sure.

I travel to Colorado soon, to join my three-year-old niece for trick-or-treating on Tuesday. Can’t wait! As presider over our family affair, Nugget decreed that we will all dress as unicorns this year. Even her grandma, who will do it kicking and screaming, but do it nonetheless at the behest of her granddaughter, must comply. Now, unicorn would not necessarily be my first choice, but then again, a rainbow of colors and a great fantasy creature – what’s not to like from a gay speculative fiction/fantasy/horror writer point of view?!

Try to take some time to celebrate like you’re three again. Jumping into a fantasy world is important for adults, too.

And while I’m at it, how about another shameless plug? Because The Vampire’s Protege contains some hot, sexy, and horrific Halloween scenes in it. Just ask Charon. But if you see him out and about on the 31st, I’d head the other direction . . .

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Cheap Plastic Costumes

Instead of a typical blog entry, today I am linking you to a blog I wrote for Horror Writers of America! For the month of October, to celebrate Halloween, HWA does daily posts from the writers about something related to Halloween and their lives or writing.  I offer some thoughts on the costumes that I wore growing up.  Enjoy!

Cheap Plastic Costumes and My Imagination

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Decorating for Halloween

Last week, I decorated the house for Halloween! I realize that many people think this a ridiculous use of time for an adult, but I still love to transition the house during certain holidays with special decorations, visual signals – if you will, of the change in seasons. So I decorate for Thanksgiving, Christmas – especially Christmas in my house!, a few Valentine’s Day items, Easter/Spring, and even a few things for the 4th of July. And yes – that dance through the year includes Halloween.

This started for me, as far as I can tell, when I was still in elementary school. I loved how my teachers transformed the classroom for each month and holiday, so I took it upon myself to do the same for my room at home. Something in me, even as a youngster, loved the visual signs of change. In an ode to my already anal retentive personality, I had files and organized the decorations to keep them save when stored away.

As an adult, I continued this tradition, though not the monthly ritual of it, as a way to remember that youthful past, to remind myself to take the time to note the season’s change. To embrace what it means as time passes, as we transition throughout life and the year. Instead of seeing it as a waste of time or juvenile, for me it insists that I not take life too seriously – even as I note its fleeting nature, how it always seems like just yesterday that I put these decorations away.

And Halloween decorations bring meaning different from all other holidays or seasons. They represent scary images, right from the darker parts of my mind that I tap into when I write horror. As I write this blog, a ceramic skull glows at me. They bring fond memories, such as the cross-stitch pictures my mom made for me that hang on the walls. They make me laugh, like the silly ceramic and giggling ghost that sits next to my bed. And they even harken to the original meanings of Halloween – as a way to remember those who came before me, as a time when the line between the living and dead blurs and crossover becomes easier. The summer and warm weather slowly disappears and the chill autumn air warns of winter harshness to come.

I even managed to expand the decorations this year, despite always insisting that I have enough decorations and no time to put more up. Somehow a 4′ black tree with orange lights appeared! What?! Spooky fun!

Happy Halloween, everyone. Take some time to decorate for it.

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Funny Thoughts about Where I Write

NineStar Press hosts a blog, where rotate author entries about a variety of subjects. Each day, the blog hosts a general topic, and the author focuses on that.  Wednesdays focus on humor – I contributed this week by writing about the space in which I write. It mostly concerns interference from two canines that reside with me . . .

NineStar Press Author Blog with Damian Serbu

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BloggerGirls review of The Vampire’s Protege!

Hi, Everyone,

Another review of The Vampire’s Protege is in!

I am so excited about what Susan at had to say!!  It still thrills and humbles me to read reviews of my work.

“It was definitely well written, and I was literally enthralled throughout the entire book. I was fascinated.”

“If you love vampires, sexy times, humorous and diabolic dialogue, if murder and mayhem are not a deal breaker, and you want a well-rounded story without the strong romantic happy ending…yet, then I highly recommend this book. Personally, I can’t wait to see where Damian Serbu takes Charon from here, but whatever route he takes I will be right there for the ride.”


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Book Reviews

Hey, Everyone,

Now that The Vampire’s Protege hit the bookshelves, some reviews are starting to appear. I thought I would share the ones that I am aware of thus far. Follow the hyperlinks below.  Enjoy!

Amos Lassen

Bayou Book Junkie


Reviews appearing on Goodreads

As an artist, you never know what public reaction will be once your work hits the market. The kinds words so far are humbling, and touching to me.

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