Do Horror Writers Hibernate after Halloween?

I had an interesting conversation with some fellow horror writers last month. We noted how many people, events, and such requested our presence in October, which makes sense given Halloween. People focus attention on thrills and frights and things that scare them during this month.

However, we also discussed how many folks, other than true horror enthusiasts such as ourselves, think horror writing disappears or becomes irrelevant once October 31st turns the page to November 1st.

I wanted to assure everyone that, contrary to the stereotype, we horror writers continue to function once November rolls around. We write. We live our lives. We get ready for Thanksgiving and then the Holiday season, the same as everyone else! And we do hope to sell books year round, not just in October!

In fact, I adore the change of seasons. Of course I get all excited to decorate for Halloween! But I also have a lot of fall decorations I get out at the same time. Those items remain up until after Thanksgiving, even after I put away my Halloween decorations. And, as many of your know, I am a nut job when it comes to holiday decorations. I’ll share all of my Christmas trees this season once I get them up.

What’s the moral of the story? PLEASE continue to help me and my fellow horror writers by purchasing our books during every month of the year! And remember – we’re still lurking even if Halloween ended!

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