Holiday Wishes

I am someone who loves the holidays. I enjoy the transition as we move into winter, and the festive lights and seasonal traditions fill me with joy. I like that so many different traditions, beliefs, cultures, and customs exist. The diversity is magical. I like viewing decorations in stores, on homes, and in public spaces. As you know if you follow me on social media, I do a lot to decorate our house, with 24 Christmas Trees and more stuff all over the place!

I also recognize that my excitement is not always shared by others. I have close friends who do not enjoy this time of year. I can think of one who sees the commercialization and amount of decorations and celebrations as out of control. Another friend gets exhausted by the demands to gather with family and friends, all packed into a short amount of time. And one more: for him, the season brings depression, feelings of sadness, and frustration.

I hope my Holiday Wish applies to everyone, whether you place yourself in a category with me, loving the holidays, or if you find them trying for so many reasons.

I wish you peace. I wish for healing in your world. I wish for all of us to be part of a solution in bringing people together and celebrating diversity. Whether we are close friends, have met only in passing, or even if I know you simply because you have read my writing, I wish for you to know I love you.

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