Holiday Horror!

Horror fans know – too many people dabble in horror for the month of October and then retreat to happy frilly stories once the holidays hit. But what of the horror fan who wants a good scare year round? And – what if that horror enthusiast prefers a gay main character or twist?

Here’s your holiday reminder: Simon the Elf came out and revealed the truth about Santa a few years ago. Settle back and enjoy a tale of death, horror, and dark humor in Simon’s satirically horrific story about the true Santa:

Start with: Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon!

And then move to: Santa Is a Vampire!

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Halloween Spooks

It’s no secret – I love Halloween. I mean, I suppose it’s a horror writer requirement, right?! This year, please consider reading THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET for a YA Halloween haunt! Jaret Bachmann struggles to come out, grieve for his recently deceased grandfather, and . . . fight a pissed off ghost who threatens his family! Get it here:


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October Reflections

I don’t know about you, but October 2020 has my mind whirling. Covid. The election – or should I say the attempt to save democracy? The economy. Instead of Halloween frights and fun it feels as if we’re just living a nightmare.

I could ruminate on all of the concerns and troubles, but I have found over the last few months I also need time to take a deep breath and clear my mind. I did so before 2020, but this practice took on a new urgency last spring. I don’t mean to pretend all the problems of the world disappear, but for a minute or two I focus on something positive, something uplifting. Here are some October examples:

-The Fall colors – Chicagoland is having a beautiful season of changing leaves. Just this morning on my jog, the dogs and I stopped to admire a stunning red tree. Breathtaking.

-Speaking of the dogs: Akasha and Chewbacca give daily joy with their antics, love, and need for attention. I stop to stay in those moments as long as possible.

-Of course I escape into my writing! Creating a completely new universe gives me time awayy.

-I have been putting pictures of my Halloween decorations on Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy looking at these items that spring out for the month of October. They’re fun. Silly. And I like sharing them.

I hope you will try to find little moments, too, so getting back to reality doesn’t consume you entirely.

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October Writing

Time for an update on . . . what in the world is Damian writing!

First, I have a blog entry coming up with the Horror Writers of America, where many of us contribute a Halloween story of some sort. I’ll share that story as soon as they release it! I am working on a couple short stories, too, to see if they will be accepted in a couple upcoming anthologies.

But I spend most of my time writing The Vampire’s War! This novel will be the fifth in my series, The Realm of the Vampire Council. If you read The Vampire’s Protege (click the link to buy!), then you know at the end how Jaret reveals to Charon the news of an impending war between a rogue vampire and the Vampire Council. Well, it’s happening. And – spoiler alert – vampires will die.

I am going back to cranking out some writing today so I can share the story with you ASAP!

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THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET: “Made me smile like an idiot”

I wanted to share another review of The Bachmann Family Secret with you! Kyler B. Warhol describes Jaret Bachmann’s coming of age/coming out/coming to terms with his witchcraft as an “appealing” story “that was like a breath of fresh air.”

Here’s the review: Kyler B. Warhol.

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Vampire Sequence

I’ve had a couple people ask about what sequence to use to read my novels if they are new to them. First, I love having new readers! At this point in the game, I recommend reading the books in chronological order of the stories, not in chronological order of publication with NineStar Press. I put the order of the novels on the “My Publications” page of my website. But I offer here an explanation and link to purchase them:

First, my vampire series The Realm of the Vampire Council:

The Vampire’s Angel, Book I. (Set during the French Revolution, the first introduction of the vampires!)

The Vampire’s Quest, Book II. (Set in Antebellum America, the next adventure of the vampires and learning more about The Vampire Council!)

The Bachmann Family Secret, Companion Novel. (Set in the early 2000s – this ghost story is not yet linked to the vampires, but – spoiler alert – it will be in The Vampire’s Witch! Thus the status as a companion novel.)

The Vampire’s Witch, Book III – Coming April 2021. (Set in the 2010s, the vampires meet Jaret Bachmann from The Bachmann Family Secret!)

The Vampire’s Protege, Book IV. (Set right after The Vampire’s Witch, we meet a new vampire, with a unique story – and a perfect antihero Charon thinks he is!)

The Vampire’s War, Book V. (I’m writing it now – that’s all you get to know!)

Simon the Elf Series (Entirely separate and unique from the above):

Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon. (A novella and introduction to Simon, one of Santa’s elves.)

Santa is a Vampire. (Simon the Elf reveals the hidden, evil truth about Santa Claus.)

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Hey, Everyone!

A couple reviews of The Bachmann Family Secret have come in, so I thought I would share them with you! Enjoy!

Purchase Link: The Bachmann Family Secret

Jay on Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter: Review!

Amos Lassen: Review!

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Insta-Love Question

I have been asked this question a few times regarding The Bachmann Family Secret, so I decided to tackle it here! The book contains an insta-love romance between Jaret and a guy he meets in Fremont, which has prompted some reviewers to say it is unrealistic while others seem okay with the notion.

I think the root of the differences in opinion come from the fact not everyone sees the world the same way. I realize that sounds simplistic and dodgy, but it’s how I feel. I know people who fall in insta-love! And I know people who think it’s a crock. So it boils down to a matter of preference.

Let me offer the background on why I had Jaret fall in insta-love. He’s a high school senior, and he’s never been out before these moments in the novel. His hormones are raging, he’s lustful, and he’s longing for a different world from his closeted existence. He meets a hot guy – and BOOM! Lust. Longing. Passion. As an 18 year old, Jaret feels that as love. It’s a young adult novel, so I didn’t feel the need to include some long existential rumination of the meaning and truth of love. Jaret felt the emotion strongly and expressed love!

Seriously, I think a lot of young people feel that way. Remember, the novel takes place over about a week. Nowhere does it imply this first romance became one for all eternity – we have no way of knowing such a thing. Jaret expresses a loud and strong emotion and identifies it as love.

I suppose one aspect of my writing his insta-love is somewhat personal. I “fell in insta-love” several times right after I came out. LOL! My adult self looks back and knows – that wasn’t deep passionate love. I tell my younger self to get a grip. Of course those romances couldn’t last. But tell that to my early-twenty something self. I would not have listened.

Anyway, back to the question. Yeah, I stand by Jaret’s insta-love for the reasons described. I understand why it rubs some people the wrong way, but I hold to its genuine feeling for Jaret in his moment.

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Writing Update

Hi, Everyone!

With all the publicity and focus on the release of The Bachmann Family Secret – which you can buy here: BUY NOW! – I haven’t updated folks on what’s going on with my writing of late. So here goes!

I am super excited to announce that NineStar Press and I signed a contract to publish The Vampire’s Witch, the third book in my vampire series, THE REALM OF THE VAMPIRE COUNCIL. That will bring us up to date on reprints and the series: Books I and II are reprinted by NineStar and available, as is Book IV which they originally published. Also, note that The Bachmann Family Secret, just published last month, is a companion novel to the series. WTF does that mean?! Well, Jaret – the main character in it, appears as a main character in The Vampire’s Witch! Anyway, it means a lot that NineStar will have everything available to you!!

And – drum roll – I am currently writing Book V: The Vampire’s War!! All my time and attention for writing are focused on this one right now!!! I won’t tell you more right now . . . so stay tuned!

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NOW AVAILABLE! A Gay Coming of Age Ghost Story!

After all the teasing and updates this summer, THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET is finally available to you! I am looking forward to hearing what you think! Please note that this is my first young adult novel! Yes, older adults will enjoy it, too!!


In The Bachmann Family Secret, Jaret Bachmann travels with his family to his beloved grandfather’s funeral with a heavy heart and, more troubling, premonitions of something evil lurking at the Bachmann ancestral home. But no one believes that he sees ghosts, and no one else saw his grandfather’s ghost warning him to stay home except his dog, Darth. Grappling with his sexuality, a ghost that wants him out of the way, and the loss of his grandfather, Jaret must protect his family and come to terms with powers hidden deep within himself.

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