Starting a Newsletter!

Hey, Friends,

I am starting a newsletter. Sign up here: Damian’s Newsletter!

As those of you who know me already understand, publicity is not my strong suit because I am shy and introverted by nature. When I have previously contemplated writing a newsletter, I hesitated because I wasn’t experienced with such an endeavor and worried about what I could write in it.

But I have been reading and studying a lot, and over and over again I see that authors should have a newsletter. Despite changes in social media, new ways of communication, and a myriad of other alterations to our universe of advertising, old school direct email contacts continue to resonant the most with people. The best way to tell people interested in your writing about what’s up is to give them the news directly!

This advice finally sunk in, so later this week I will take my maiden voyage! My newsletter will come out once a month – no more! I am sensitive to people being inundated with such email. I detest businesses or organizations that email email email email email email email – which leads me to delete delete delete delete delete. I want to keep in contact with you without making you go bonkers.

What will I include in my newsletter? I am going to restrict the amount of “plugging”I do. Sure, I will link to new works when appropriate and make sure folks know where to find my writing. However, in addition, I will always provide exclusive content for you: a story, a behind the scenes glimpse into my writing, or an inspiration for what leads me to write something.

Again, if you’d like to sign up, follow this link: Damian Serbu Newsletter!

I appreciate each and everyone of you. I have always believed that, even if I touch one person and no one else with a story, I’ve done something good with my stories. I am flattered whenever someone picks up one of my novels. Thanks! And thank you for continuing on the journey with me!

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