Life Intrusion

It’s been a long time since I added an entry to my blog. Too long. Blog-less-ness has stuck in the back of my mind to get back on track, but alas life keeps intruding. So when it came time to sit down at long last and write for it, I knew what to share: the life of a writer and the intrusions that invade our lives!

I think every writer, or almost every writer, wishes they could write for a living and nothing else. But that reality exists for an elite few. For a vast majority of us, we work part-time or full-time jobs. So writing happens on the sly, in spare time, on the weekends, when we can steal a few moments for ourselves.

And that works for me, because I am OCD crazy disciplined, lol. I make sure to write regularly and keep on track. Which is why the last couple months bothered me so much, in terms of my writing, because I almost completely abandoned it.

Here’s the scoop: Paul and I are building a new house, which is super exciting! But it first meant selling our existing house, which was super stressful. We managed to get an offer, pack up, and sell it! Relief! However, from mid-July until the last couple weeks, that process consumed us. We either worked on something related to the sale, packing, or moving to our temporary housing, while squeezing in what we had to do to keep the new house on track. All while we both worked full time.

Please know I am not bitching about the moving! That is definitely a blessed life to live and we are so excited about this change in our lives. I simply mean to explain how no writing occurred. Almost nothing at all. And so no blog.

Why bore you with all this crap? Mostly to explain my absence. But also perhaps as a glimpse into how passionate most authors are about their writing. That we make sure it happens, despite not getting rich off it. Despite needing to work at other things. And I wanted you to know I missed you. For now, life is back on track. We’re living at a friend’s house and I will keep up with you more regularly, at least until November sometime when the new house is done!

Thanks for reading, and perhaps missing me. My readers mean the world to me. Even if I never met you, thinking that someone sits and reads my novels for enjoyment or to learn a little bit keeps me going.

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