NineStar Press and the Pandemic

It’s a small thing at first glance. But I am an anxious person in certain situations, and a hypochondriac. So the pandemic has my nerves on edge. I have taken various steps to help myself, by being informed from reputable sources; but also by limiting my media intake – no news for me once I get to dinner; by removing certain phone alerts. We’re also disinfecting, social distancing, trying not to get too concerned about store stocks being depleted.

So what’s this small thing, and why am I writing about it? Another thing that helps to calm me is to look for positives amid the chaos. They exist! And it’s not by way of sticking your head in the sand to seek them. I like videos about kids and pets interrupting virtual meetings because people are home! (Now more people understand the life of a writer, FYI!) And to see kindnesses happening, such as getting groceries for neighbors or people giving up the last toilet paper to an elderly couple. Those things brighten my spirits and give me hope. They will not change the world, or save us from the virus. But they show a goodness in our human spirit that can lift us for a moment.

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My press, NineStar Press, which I have LOVED since they first brought me aboard, is doing one of those things, too. For the month of March, while so many of us are sequestered and maybe feeling isolated or wondering what in the hell to do with ourselves, the press has EVERY BOOK at 40% off, and some books are free. So while you’re hanging at home night after night, grab a book from NineStar at a great discount! All of my titles are included, FYI. When I heard about this sale, it made me happy. One of those things that won’t save people, cure the virus, or stop the panic people may feel. But it is a kindness, a way to say as a small business that we’re in this together and should help in whatever way we can. If someone feels they can buy a book because of the discount and it gives them a few hours of release from the stress, then helping that one person is worth it.

And – for those anxious like me – reading a good book is still a great form of escapism! I just wouldn’t recommend reading any books, fiction or nonfiction, about a pandemic . . .

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