Quick Status Update!

Hi, All,

A quick update, especially since I know I have been more quiet than usual on social media and in my blog of late!

First, the super exciting news: NineStar Press agreed to publish my next novel! We’re still working on a release date – I’ll keep you posted. Needless to say, I am SUPER excited to share this ghost story with you!

Second, an explanation: my less active presence will continue for the next couple months. Paul and I are in the midst of moving. We built a new house – we’re thrilled about it. But the construction took a long time, we’ve been living with a friend, and we’ll finally possess our new home Dec. 6th. It’s been hard keep up with everything: full time jobs, personal life, and my writing during this transition. After the New Year, things should settle down and I’ll be back at it!

Thanks for checking in. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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