Random Summer Thoughts

As I await the next round of editing on The Vampire’s Protege, I offer some random summer thoughts that have been on my mind. It’s in the style of those odd Larry King weekly columns that he used to run in USAToday. So I apologize for that, but it’s how my mind is working today. Which is frightening, but that’s a whole different story – perhaps a new brand of horror novel that I will write. Onward:

Terrorism sucks. It is so important to defy it by carrying on, as they did with the Manchester benefit concert. Powerful, that.

Pirates of the Carribbean was excellent! Back to its original, powerful formula and storytelling.

That being said, I am much more jazzed up to see Wonder Woman – haven’t had time yet. I was giddy to begin, but the reviews and audience reaction have heightened my excitement tenfold. YEAH FOR A STRONG FEMALE SUPERHERO!!!!

Speaking of strong female superheroes: my sister and niece arrive for a visit this weekend – I am giddy with anticipation. When asked what Nugget wanted to do while in Chicago – she answered, “Play!” I can handle that.

What life is all about: eating dinner each night, Paul and me on the deck with our flowers, the dogs, and just decompressing from the day. Often a wonderful glass of wine.

Jogging in shorts in the summer is so much better than all bundled up in the winter, like I live on Antarctica.

It’s Pride Month!! Whoo hoo!! Can’t wait for the Chicago parade!

Okay, my inner Larry King was a little longer with each point than him, and it just flew away. So back to normal now. Best to all of you, until next time. D

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