The Vampire’s Witch comes your way in less than a month! The third in my Realm of the Vampire Council series, The Vampire’s Witch sits between The Vampire’s Quest and The Vampire’s Protege, already published! Not to mention that The Vampire’s Witch includes Jaret Bachmann from The Bachmann Family Secret! But you can read it as a stand alone, too! So, what is this latest gay vampire/witch novel all about?

The Vampire’s Witch welcomes readers back to the world of vampires, witches, and magic. Jaret Bachmann’s life spins out of control after a handsome stranger saves him from an attack along the bike path on Lakeshore Drive. His estranged high school sweetheart stalks him, the enraged ghost of his ancestor destroys his family, and his bike path savior-cum-lover abandons him after learning Jaret is a powerful witch, all of it sending Jaret into deep depression. Struggling to find his way afterward, Jaret searches for comfort in the unlikely friendship of a secret vampire community. Xavier, Thomas, Anthony, and Catherine return in this, the third book in The Realm of the Vampire Council series and a sequel to The Bachmann Family Secret. Over time, Jaret’s friendship with the vampires strengthens and he forges a new family connection with Xavier, Thomas, and Catherine.  But he and Anthony are estranged and though their souls are entwined, there hearts are another matter.

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