I am having a difficult time concentrating on publicity, writing, and daily work tasks without commenting on the war in Ukraine. The Russian assault on a sovereign nation and war crimes threaten freedom around the globe. Even the most frightening horror novel fails to scare me in comparison to the horror inflicted on innocent people by Putin and his minions. I hope and pray global condemnation will continue, and with it the pressure on Russia to cease and desist. We’ve learned from history what happens with appeasement: more violence, killing, and combat in the future.

The Board of Trustees for the Horror Writers Association issued the following statement regarding Ukraine and the Russian terrorist invasion. I find the statement a perfect reflection of my sentiments as well:

“The HWA condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand for democracy. We stand for truth. We stand for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We support the people of Ukraine, including authors, editors, and journalists, as well as the people of Russia who are bravely protesting this attack. We hope to see a swift end to this senseless act of war.”

Writing fiction and writing accurate accounts about history demand a free society. Anyone who writes or reads should be concerned about Ukraine and the Russian attack on democracy. We live in a world bound together across oceans and borders. An incursion against freedom in one country threatens freedom for all of us. I stand with Ukraine.

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