Paul and I recently returned from vacation. We went to California, where we stayed a couple nights in San Jose, a few nights in the Paso Robles region, and a couple nights in Carmel. The wine tastings were wonderful, the scenery amazing, and the experience overall a fabulous time. We went with a couple dear friends, which made the excursion all the more special. Paul and I love being together on vacation and having fun.

Here is a photo of us, watching the sunset on the beach in Carmel:

I realize my sharing about vacation has little to do with my writing at first glance, but I am blathering on today because vacation actually has a big impact on my work. Here are just a couple ways getting away affects what I write:

First, I think everyone benefits from breaking up their routines and home life. I am like my dogs – I love my routines and feel comfortable within them. But they can become a rut. Vacation refreshes me, so I can relax and not feel obligated to do all the things I usually do in a week – publicity, writing, other work, chores around the house. I return from vacation excited to be back and with a new energy to tackle my writing and other obligations.

Travel also allows me to include new places and experiences in my stories! Especially when writing about the supernatural and vampires, I don’t want to have to set every scene or story where I live or have lived in the past. For me, however, I find it much more authentic and easy to use places I have seen and visited. Also on vacation, we experience different people and events, all of which may provide some inspiration for a scene or even an entire novel. For example, we visited the Winchester Mystery House on this trip – can you imagine how many ideas that house generated?!

There are other things but I will save you from reading further today. I encourage everyone to break up their routine with a trip or even staycation, as long as you get away from the routine while doing it! Thank you for checking out my blog!

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