Vampire Sequence

I’ve had a couple people ask about what sequence to use to read my novels if they are new to them. First, I love having new readers! At this point in the game, I recommend reading the books in chronological order of the stories, not in chronological order of publication with NineStar Press. I put the order of the novels on the “My Publications” page of my website. But I offer here an explanation and link to purchase them:

First, my vampire series The Realm of the Vampire Council:

The Vampire’s Angel, Book I. (Set during the French Revolution, the first introduction of the vampires!)

The Vampire’s Quest, Book II. (Set in Antebellum America, the next adventure of the vampires and learning more about The Vampire Council!)

The Bachmann Family Secret, Companion Novel. (Set in the early 2000s – this ghost story is not yet linked to the vampires, but – spoiler alert – it will be in The Vampire’s Witch! Thus the status as a companion novel.)

The Vampire’s Witch, Book III – Coming April 2021. (Set in the 2010s, the vampires meet Jaret Bachmann from The Bachmann Family Secret!)

The Vampire’s Protege, Book IV. (Set right after The Vampire’s Witch, we meet a new vampire, with a unique story – and a perfect antihero Charon thinks he is!)

The Vampire’s War, Book V. (I’m writing it now – that’s all you get to know!)

Simon the Elf Series (Entirely separate and unique from the above):

Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon. (A novella and introduction to Simon, one of Santa’s elves.)

Santa is a Vampire. (Simon the Elf reveals the hidden, evil truth about Santa Claus.)

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