Works In Progress Update

Hey, All,

While I am still busy promoting my recent release of The Vampire’s Witch, I am also plugging along on three current projects! Here is a round up of my current works in progress:

The Vampire’s War: Book V in the Realm of the Vampire Council! I have two sections of the final chapter and the epilogue remaining to write on the fifth installment in my vampire series. Then I will edit the manuscript and send it to my beta readers for comment. A dangerous foe threatens the vampire world. Jaret Bachmann wants to fight but finds himself stonewalled by the Vampire Council. Tragedy and danger lurk at every turn, as well as a forbidden lust . . .

The Easter Bunny Is a Werewolf. In Santa Is a Vampire, Santa manipulated Simon the Elf to reveal Santa’s true nature as a deadly vampire. Now he wants to loan Simon out to the Easter Bunny because the fuzzy fellow has a secret of his own to share. The dark humor of Simon the Elf returns in this grim springtime tale.

Untitled. I grew up as a HUGE Star Wars fan, and remain so to this day. My brother once asked me why I never wrote a space adventure, given my fandom. I said nothing ever inspired me the way my other stories have . . . until now. I just started a new young adult novel in which alien spacecraft invade earth. Sorry – that’s all I can tell you right now!

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