Writing Update

Hi, All,

Just a quick update on my various projects for this blog post. Thanks for reading, and have a great summer!!

Santa Is a Vampire: This is under contract with NineStar Press and scheduled for a late November release. So it is chilling until the time for editing arrives. It will be fun to celebrate the holidays with this release. It stands alone, unrelated to any other series or story I have before written. Part comedy, part horror, and, according to Paul, “the most disturbing thing you’ve written.” 🙂

The Vampire’s Quest: Book II in The Realm of the Vampire Council. This updated re-release in my original vampire series will hit the shelves in December! (The holidays are going to be BUSY with publicity this year!) It, too, is sitting around and waiting for editing to commence with the press. Like The Vampire’s Angel, it underwent a thorough revamp and will continue my work with NineStar Press.

So what am I currently writing? I am editing and totally redoing a ghost story that I previously published. In fact, that is my main project right now. It’s too far away from submitting it anywhere, so that’s all I can say for now. More details to come as I wrap my mind round where this one is headed.

And then, the idea for my fifth vampire novel, which will be the sequel to The Vampire’s Protege and part of the Realm of the Vampire Council series is percolating. I wanted to wait on it until after I finish the above ghost story rewrite, but ideas are bursting out, and so it is under way. The muse control me, not the other way around.

Thanks for checking in. Be well.

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