Writing Update

Hi, Everyone!

Today I offer you a quick update on my current projects.

Most exciting, of course, will be the arrival of THE VAMPIRE’S WAR later this year. We haven’t started the final editing process yet, but I expect that will happen soon. I will keep you updated as things progress. I can’t wait to share the latest vampire saga with you!

The major project I am working on right now is the sequel to SANTA IS A VAMPIRE. Simon the Elf is back, commanded by Santa to go tell the Easter Bunny’s true story . . . I’m having a great time with this one. I finished about half of the first draft of this novel.

I also have two other novels in the works, but I would say I’m dabbling in them more than hardcore going after their stories. One is a rewriting of Little Red Riding Hood and the other is my first Sci Fi novel. Right now, both of these projects will be young adult.

Otherwise I tweak some short stories. And I wrote two flash fiction pieces to submit to potential anthologies. One never knows with this stuff, if it will be accepted! Both flash fiction pieces have a limit of 300 words. On the one hand, that seems easy because it’s about a page of writing. But I find the task to be a HUGE challenge – to tell an entire story in 300 words!

Thanks for checking in.

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