Writing Update!

I apologize for the epically long time since I last posted. My website had a major problem/hacking event. I can’t be more specific about the issue because I have no clue what happened. I either sign in and all goes well, or I panic and yell for my husband to come help. Alas, he came to my rescue yet again, even though it required expert assistance and quite a bit of time. Happily, the website is back to proper functioning.

Every now and then I like to post what I am up to in my current writing. Thanks for your interest!

First and foremost, The Vampire’s War is on schedule to come your way this year! The specific publication date has not been set, but I will keep you posted. We finished content editing and general editing, and we moved to copy editing this week! Whoo hoo! My gay vampires are excited to tell you their latest tale – a vampire war and growing into oneself, all wrapped up in one story! Jaret Bachmann returns as our main protagonist here!

When not getting The Vampire’s War in shape, I am working primarily on a sequel to Santa Is a Vampire. Simon the Elf is enlisted – drafted? forced? – by Santa to tell another tale. Do you know the true story about the Easter Bunny? Simon now does, and he’s preparing to tell you, too.

I also am fiddling with the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and a Sci Fi/alien invasion young adult novel.

Thanks again for your attention!

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