Writing Update

Hi, All!

Now I have to get back into the routine of adding to my blog. So, first and foremost, my website is officially all better and functioning as it should. And we adjusted things to keep it that way, so hopefully no more nefarious hacks. And, seriously, if they want to go after someone, this website can’t be that great a target for heaven’s sake! Leave me alone!!

Now, to my writing – Ninestar is working away at my edits, which should be coming to me soon. Then I will dig in, so we can keep The Vampire’s Protege on target to getting to you in August/September! I am so excited to be back on track with a book heading your way!! You are going to meet a new vampire. That’s all I am going to say for now!

There are a couple of other projects in the hopper as well. I’ll let you know more about that in the future.

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