A Couple of Friends for You to Read!

Hey, Everyone,

I’m super excited because Halloween is almost here! Today is a great fall day: rainy, chilly, with the beautiful fall trees coming down to the ground.

I have a couple authors who recently published some stories I wanted to share with you! They are fellow NineStar Press authors. I love giving a shout out to my friends from NineStar, and hope you will all read their stuff!! P.S. I read these two stories already, and really enjoyed them!!!

S.E. Smyth brings you Criminal by Proxy:

Christine is on the hunt to find out more about her great aunt, Rose, hoping to decipher their severed relationship and the murder Rose committed, for which June is in prison. With a stroke leaving Rose incapacitated, it’s a rush against time to find the truth.

Things are doubly complicated when Christine’s girlfriend Terrie is accused of assaulting someone. Nervous about what she might do next, Christine and her friends avoid Terrie. With everything at stake, Christine must stick to the cold hard facts, reminding herself not to let her emotions get in the way.

Christine must evaluate everything happening in her life. The weight of the events buried by her aunt so many years before and the shame of the actions of the love of her life rest squarely on her. If the eyes of the law are always 20/20, how do love, emotion, and insecurities distort fact?

Buy Link: Criminal by Proxy

Also, my friend Kevin Klehr has a short story for you:

Every time a shooting star is scheduled, Arthur, Carol and Tim choose a house with the best vantage point to haunt, carefully making sure its residents are not home.

But this time Arthur recognises the decor. The furnishings belong to his ex-boyfriend, Alexander, a man he never got over. And judging by the happy snaps in the photo frames, Alexander lives with a new lover.

Just as the ghosts settle in to watch the celestial event, the occupants return home early.

Buy Link: Three Ghosts

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