National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day!!!

Today, the LGBTQIA+ Community celebrates coming out! Finding the path to sharing one’s true identity is essential for physical and emotional well being. Having a day to focus on this journey allows everyone to remind the world about who we are, who we love, and the journey it took all of us to get there.

I think it is also important to acknowledge the many shapes, forms, and ways this coming out process takes for each person. I don’t think it’s helpful to demand that everyone’s coming out experience mirror an exact model, or place judgments on how “out” someone is in the various phases of their life. Some people have the emotional power and life situation to be out and proud in all aspects of themselves. Others can be out in their private life but not at work. And variations on these themes exist all over the place. That diverse reality should be respected.

The only time I judge someone for being closeted is when they make harmful comments or do harmful deeds toward the community. For example, if a politician is LGBTQIA+ in private but votes on laws that are antigay – then fuck them, they should be outed.

Otherwise, I cherish everyone’s personal journey toward coming out. Whatever step someone takes – whether telling one special person, shouting from the rooftops to everyone, or coming out to your family – take this day to celebrate who you are!

And for those struggling to make this step and unsure, please know there are so many people who love you. You are not alone. When you’re ready, we’ll find and embrace you.

Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone! Find your truth and it will set you free. Nothing changed my life more than the day, weeks, months, and years when I proclaimed who I am to the world.

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