Christmas Reads

Hey, All,

Happy Holidays! I hope the season finds you at peace. I want to focus today on some holidays reads, to help you set the mood, escape from holiday realities, or further escalate your partying through the season!

Of course, SANTA IS A VAMPIRE hit the shelves! I am enjoying the reactions to it. They are very mixed, but I anticipated as much because this is a very dark tale, mingled with a juvenile sense of humor. I love my book, but its “taste” is not for everyone. Which makes me giggle, because Santa and Simon like to stir it up – good, bad, or somewhere between. If you want some horror and humor in your holiday, please read! If you’re easily offended, you may want to skip this one. To get a taste for it, please read an interview I did with Gareth Johnson at!

But, either way, please check out my fellow NineStar Press authors who also came out with some holiday fun. NineStar does amazing things, and there are a lot of impressive titles to add to your holiday reading enjoyment. Please read them here: NineStar Press Holiday Reads! ¬†I’d like to highlight a couple, if you’ll indulge me. Kevin Klehr has a New Year’s story coming Dec. 10th: Midnight Angel. ¬†Felicia Doherty Zawadzki comes at you with Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe! Riina Y.T. adds Paradise Lodge for us. And . . . there are a lot more in the link to NineStar seasonal books.

Season’s Greetings! Watch out for Santa and Simon. If you see them, your holidays will take a serious turn for the worse.

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