Holiday Reflection 2018

Hi, Everyone,

At this time of year, I like to use my final blog to convey holiday wishes and reflect on the previous year. I’ll avoid a shameless plug or offering of information about my various projects. Instead, I wish you and yours a peaceful time of year.

2018 proved more difficult for me than an average year. It started a year ago, when my father died. While his advanced age and suffering from dementia hardly made it a surprise, it nonetheless carried with it the shock and sadness of losing a wonderful, loving man. The mourning carried throughout the year, and even now I glance around my house at Christmas decorations he crafted for me and tears of love, joy, and loss fill my eyes. The accompanying transition to life without him, especially with helping mom move to her new pension plan, brought A TON more stress than my worst dreams anticipated. As I hope for good things in this blog, at the same time I am reserving a special place in hell for Aon Hewitt and what they did to mom. It was resolved in the end, but not without a serious amount of tumult. Fuckers.

Additionally, work for Paul and me was more trying than usual. Again, nothing too extraordinary, and in the end things smoothed out and appear headed in much better directions. But it was a roller coaster ride, to say the least.

There were other unusual stressors, but I’ll end this misery with saying I wish 2018 farewell, and none too soon.

Yet I find myself at peace as I look outside at the cold and wake to the dark chill of winter mornings. Thankful that The Vampire’s Angel was republished, and that Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon and Santa is a Vampire came out. Happy that we have good health in my family for now. That we’re surrounded by loving family and friends adds to my joy. Akasha and Chewbacca continue to center me with their living in the moment and unconditional love.

Wherever you are, whatever the travails of your time right now, I send my best wishes and positive energy. With all the hate and anger in the world, I try to contribute my bit of love to all of you. Please do the same for those around you.

Happy Holidays! Damian

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