Happy Holidays

Hi, All,

I like to send a holiday missive each year. So, Happy Holidays to all of you! Whether you celebrate something, endure the festivities by holding your nose, or something between, know that I wish you the very best!

I don’t think I need to add to the litany of proclamations about how 2020 has tried all of us in a million different ways. Which is an understatement. I send my best energy to all who are suffering through this difficult time. Know you are loved.

In the new year, I have a blog for all of you about a major change in my life. Nothing morbid, but I want to keep the details private for now. Which is why I end with emphasizing: Happy Holidays to everyone. I wish you peace and joy in whatever form possible, and despite whatever turmoil may me invading your lives this year. Know I care about you, whether we have met or only know each other through my writing.

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