New Year 2021 Round Up

Before I launch into the reason for this post according to its title, I acknowledge I promised an announcement of some import in the new year. I will still follow through on this pledge, but circumstances beyond my control have delayed it a bit more. I anticipate letting all of you know about this personal change in my life in February, so please sit tight!

Since my personal news has been delayed, I thought you may like to have the most recent “writing round up” for me!

First and foremost, my editor at NineStar Press and I are plugging along with THE VAMPIRE’S WITCH – with a planned release this April!! The third in the Realm of the Vampire Series, the novel also serves as a sequel to THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET! I will tease more about it and give more updates through the winter and spring.

My writing time otherwise is dedicated to the following novels:

THE VAMPIRE’S WAR: I am in the middle of writing the fifth in the Realm of the Vampire Series. Writing this one gets most of my time. THE VAMPIRE’S WAR will follow in the footsteps of THE VAMPIRE’S ANGEL, THE VAMPIRE’S QUEST, THE VAMPIRE’S WITCH, and THE VAMPIRE’S PROTEGE. Of the vampire novels, this one involves the most characters and plot twists, so takes extra care to keep the story accurate and focused. I am having so much fun with it! A bit of a spoiler: Jaret Bachmann joins your favorite gay vampires, Xavier, Thomas, Catherine, Anthony, and Harriet as they face the biggest crisis in vampire history . . .

THE EASTER BUNNY IS A WEREWOLF: if you thought Simon the Elf’s story ended once Santa manipulated him into helping tell Santa’s true story in SANTA IS A VAMPIRE, well, you underestimated both Santa’s evil designs and Simon’s will to survive. He has another tale to tell . . .

UNTITLED YA NOVEL: With THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET, I introduced my first YA novel. I enjoyed the experience so much, I began pondering another YA story. Against my will and without any prompting, a story flooded into my mind in the last two weeks. Yeah, for those wondering, the muse is alive and well in me. I am beginning this novel and will let you know about it, once I can get my mind wrapped around it, and after I gain some control over the story from the muse.

More soon! Peace and happiness to you all.

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