Introducing the Family

In the continued build up to this summer’s release of THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET – today I introduce Jaret’s family. Last week, we met Jaret, the high school senior who is struggling to come out and learn about his hidden powers. Let’s meet his family!

Jenn: Jaret’s younger sister and best friend in the world. They confide everything to each other, support and love each other. More than anyone else, Jaret wants to protect Jenn as the ghost prepares to attack the family.

Lincoln: Jaret’s older brother, who Jaret looks up to and relies on for his humor and steady presence.

Mom and Dad: A pretty typical mom and dad, who love their children, worry about them constantly, but sometimes misfire on how to support them and believe in them because of the pressures swirling around. They have long worried about Jaret because of his claim to see ghosts.

Jaret’s aunt, uncle, and cousins also make an appearance! The Bachmann’s represent a loving, close family – and they will need all the nurture and care for one another they can muster to fight the legacy haunting their family.

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