Continuing on our journey of meeting the characters as we move toward a July release of The Bachmann Family Secret, today I am introducing Steve! Our main character, Jaret, and his family, travel to his hometown for his Gramps’s funeral. Amid the grief of this loss, Jaret must contend with an angry ghost and struggle to come to terms with his sexuality.

And speaking of his sexuality, on an evening stroll through Fremont he runs into a local teen who insists on chatting with him – Steve. Jaret has no idea how to handle the hot football player in front of him! Run for the hills because he’s shy?! Get to know the hottie because Steve sends his hormones into overdrive?! And why does this guy act so sweetly toward Jaret and Darth? Is Jaret’s attraction reciprocated, or is Steve just a nice guy?

Jaret figures he might as well add the flutterings of a crush to the mix of issues he’s already dealing with in THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET!

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