Last Character Introduction for THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been introducing you to the primary characters in The Bachmann Family Secret as we gear up for its release later this July. First was our main character, Jaret, followed by his family, and then a local guy Jaret meets in Fremont, Steve. Today, it’s time for you to meet Darth.

If Jaret controlled this blog, he would have introduced Darth first and told you she is the most important character. You see, Darth is Jaret’s very best friend, one he’s had since a very young age. She follows him everywhere – they are inseparable. Yep, Darth is Jaret’s loyal dog.

And as Jaret confronts the myriad of problems facing him when he travels to his Gramps’s funeral, Darth stands by his side the entire way, ready to defend, console, and otherwise be there for her companion. Fun Darth fact: the copyeditor made a note to me in the margin at one point while going over my novel: “Darth is my favorite character.” I’m quite fond of her, too.

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