October Reflections

I don’t know about you, but October 2020 has my mind whirling. Covid. The election – or should I say the attempt to save democracy? The economy. Instead of Halloween frights and fun it feels as if we’re just living a nightmare.

I could ruminate on all of the concerns and troubles, but I have found over the last few months I also need time to take a deep breath and clear my mind. I did so before 2020, but this practice took on a new urgency last spring. I don’t mean to pretend all the problems of the world disappear, but for a minute or two I focus on something positive, something uplifting. Here are some October examples:

-The Fall colors – Chicagoland is having a beautiful season of changing leaves. Just this morning on my jog, the dogs and I stopped to admire a stunning red tree. Breathtaking.

-Speaking of the dogs: Akasha and Chewbacca give daily joy with their antics, love, and need for attention. I stop to stay in those moments as long as possible.

-Of course I escape into my writing! Creating a completely new universe gives me time awayy.

-I have been putting pictures of my Halloween decorations on Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy looking at these items that spring out for the month of October. They’re fun. Silly. And I like sharing them.

I hope you will try to find little moments, too, so getting back to reality doesn’t consume you entirely.

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