October Writing

Time for an update on . . . what in the world is Damian writing!

First, I have a blog entry coming up with the Horror Writers of America, where many of us contribute a Halloween story of some sort. I’ll share that story as soon as they release it! I am working on a couple short stories, too, to see if they will be accepted in a couple upcoming anthologies.

But I spend most of my time writing The Vampire’s War! This novel will be the fifth in my series, The Realm of the Vampire Council. If you read The Vampire’s Protege (click the link to buy!), then you know at the end how Jaret reveals to Charon the news of an impending war between a rogue vampire and the Vampire Council. Well, it’s happening. And – spoiler alert – vampires will die.

I am going back to cranking out some writing today so I can share the story with you ASAP!

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