October’s Arrival!

I am busy finishing up the preparations for my upcoming novella and novel release!  Santa’s Kiny Elf, Simon, a novella about Simon the Elf and a romantic fling, and Santa Is a Vampire, in which Simon the Elf explains the true story about Santa, will be released by NineStar Press on time for the holidays! A little humor and horror all mixed together with some history and the stunningly horrific true story about Santa. Each are in copyediting and moving toward proofreading.  With those tasks in hand, as well as advanced preparation for publicity and such, October will keep me busy.

But not too busy to enjoy one of this horror writer’s favorite times of year! Why is it so fabulous?! Well, Halloween, of course, helps out, plus the arrival of fall here in the Midwest. So here’s a list of why October is so fabulous for a writer of gay spooky things!

Trick or Treating: from memories of my childhood fun to handing out candy today!

Pumpkin Coffee! (Note: I don’t start drinking it until now and find it sacrilegious that some people drink it year round.)

Decorating my house! I especially love my Halloween tree with its scary ornaments.

The fall trees turning colors.

As the days grow shorter, weird thought to write about pop more frequently into my head.

Okay, I just thought of twenty other things to add, but I seriously have to get more work done and soon. Happy October everyone!!

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