SIMON THE ELF and Editing

Hi, All,

To remind everyone, in November and December this year I have a novella and novel coming your way, scheduled specifically to help you usher in the Holiday Season! First comes Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon, a brief taste for Simon and his story in the context of an almost love affair. Then comes the whole tale, about Santa, Mrs. Claus, and even Rudolph, in Santa Is a Vampire.

Simon the Elf narrates both of them for you, and he has a profound and terrifying story to tell you about Santa Claus. That lovable, children’s story character really exists, and hides a horrific secret: he is a vampire of the worst sort. From his enslaved position at the North Pole, Simon delivers a tell-all narrative guaranteed to spoil your holidays.

A departure in terms of content and style from anything I previously released, this combination satire/horror story will delight some people, offend people, and leave my friends and family thinking that I’ve gone mental. I can’t wait to get it out to all of you!!!

NineStar Press and I are in the midst of editing away as I type. I still believe firmly in editing, in the traditional process of writing and then getting others involved in the endeavor to help you refine your work, check for mistakes, and make it even better. Simon is helping out, too, with Santa watching over his shoulder.

Happy Holidays.  Damian



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