On Autumn’s Arrival

I love the changing seasons of the year. Living in the Midwest highlights these alterations with strong color, temperature, and atmosphere. We experience the stereotypical season changes of novels, television, and movies.

Autumn this year arrived over night. We had been enjoying summer weather, until literally the first day of autumn, when the high reached but 63 degrees and a breeze added a slight chill.

Just yesterday, I remarked to Paul about one seasonal change I have relished each fall since we moved to this house in Downers Grove, IL, almost three years ago. We have a large meadow in the backyard, and a short distance away on the other side of the street is a pretty big park. This provides a lot of nature to witness, including what we refer to as the dogs’ pet hawks. And we have owls. Since they’re nocturnal and we’re not, we rarely see or hear the owls. Except in the fall! The dogs and I wake up to go on our morning journey right before sunrise in the autumn. Often, I hear the owls hooting away, and on special mornings I see them.

Today, we started down the street and after a couple houses, I heard the hooting! I was so excited! I glanced up to search for one, when I heard a rustling in the trees and saw the huge wing span when the owl took flight! The beautiful bird landed in a higher tree but still close by. The owl and I greeted one another.

I stood and watched the owl for a minute. This pause annoyed the dogs, who wanted to keep going on the journey, but I needed a moment with the owl. The owl and I were saying hello to autumn.

Life gets busy. Stresses abound. Sometimes, quiet reflections on seasonal change brings breathtaking scenes and surprises, even amid a routine.

Hello, fall. I am ready for this transition.

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