Oscars Time

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that, every year, Paul and I watch all of the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees. I like to post my ranking of them, despite being an amateur movie goer and having no credentials to do so other than I like to do it. 🙂 So, here goes!

“Bohemian Rhapsody”: I loved this portrayal of Mercury, which grounded the viewer in his humanity even after he became a superstar. Superb acting and a pleasure to watch, so much so you’d never know the crazy story behind getting it made, and finally out to the public. Engrossing, lively, and emotional.

“Black Panther”: The snooty Academy finally got, or maybe was pressured and guilted into, including a “popular” movie in the Best Picture category. One of my favorite superhero movies, it deserved the acknowledgment. It was so popular because it was so extraordinarily well done.

“The Favourite”: Definitely the most quirky of the nominees this year! Funny and sad, psychotic and mesmerizing. I was especially impressed with the use of camera angles, blurring, and other techniques to give a sense of mood beyond just watching the actors or setting. Speaking of the acting – wow! Three absolutely amazing performances.

“Vice”: Despite some of his less than wholesome manners, Bale knows how to act. He hits it out of the park as Cheney. How they managed to make the story of people seizing power and trying to destroy democracy into a comedy is a talent.

“The Green Book”: Another well acted and authentic story. It’s coming in fifth for me speaks more to the quality of the other films than as a negative for it. I disagree with the criticism it has received for being a feel good film – because it tells a true story and does it well. Still a powerful message and lovely film.

“Roma”: Again with the Hollywood weirdness that it was even an issue this came from Netflix, because it’s a great movie. The mood it sets is powerful, with an intense story. I’m not old school enough to appreciate the black and white filming, though.

“BlacKkKlansman”: The true story here is amazing, and powerful. Intense movie that keeps you tense throughout. Looonngggg preachy scenes put me to sleep, though.

“A Star is Born”: Not the most popular opinion to rank this one last. Cooper and Gaga were grand in it. But did we really need a fourth remake of the same story? How about something original?

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