Time to share a bit of feedback now that THE VAMPIRE’S QUEST hit the shelves, or e-format, whichever the case. 🙂 So many nice comments this time; I have been honored by the feedback. Enjoy a couple quotations below, as well as the link to each review!

“Oh, heaven’s above. Tears hit me from the first chapter.” The review of LoveBytesReviews was moving! A great read into Thomas and Xavier’s relationship!

“Good #LGBT horror is hard to find. So that’s why I’m excited to see Damian Serbu’s latest vampire story coming out. It’s also why I want to share it with you. Gay or straight–you’re sure to get chills with this one.” Rick R. Reed is one of my favorite authors, so this comment especially meant a lot!

E. M. Hamill is a fellow NineStar Press author and prolific reviewer, with these kind words: “I did enjoy the twist of an historical figure being a vampire, and the major plot twist I suspected after a while, but it was very well done.”

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