Exciting news: THE BACHMANN FAMILY SECRET finished up the latest round of edits, to correct grammar, for clarity, or gaps in my feeble logic. (My NineStar editor, BJ, kicks ass at fixing all the problems I create! And she’s super funny. I know her humor hardly matters to you, my readers, but it makes sprucing up even the worst mess I create a fun adventure.) It’s off to the next stage of preparation, on track for a July release. I’ll keep you posted!

In The Bachmann Family Secret, Jaret Bachmann travels with his family to his beloved grandfather’s funeral with a heavy heart and, more troubling, premonitions of something evil lurking at the Bachmann ancestral home. But no one believes that he sees ghosts, and no one else saw his grandfather’s ghost warning him to stay home except his dog, Darth. Grappling with his sexuality, a ghost that wants him out of the way, and the loss of his grandfather, Jaret must protect his family and come to terms with powers hidden deep within himself.

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