Works in Progress Update

Hi, All!

Paul and I love the summer – the warm weather and longer days here in the Midwest, eating on our deck almost every night, and great weather for morning exercise! Thankfully, as a horror/speculative fiction fan and writer, I also embrace the change of seasons and look forward to fall. Halloween! Witches! Ghosts! Vampires! Enjoying those thing eases the loss of summer for me.

I decided it was time to give updates on my currents WIPs (Works in Progress):

The Vampire’s War sits in the hands of my beta readers, who will soon return their feedback to me for further editing. I hope to submit the manuscript to my publisher by the end of this month. Fingers crossed!

The Easter Bunny Is a Werewolf brings back Simon the Elf, who at the behest of Santa is hanging out with the Easter Bunny to learn his sordid tale (pun intended). This project is getting my priority focus, so look for another dark satire in the not too distant future!

-Sci Fi invasion: I am dabbling in my first sci fi story – a young adult novel about an alien invasion. I can’t tell you more yet, and I don’t even have a title for it! But it’s been a lot of fun to work on something different from anything I’ve written thus far.

-Little Red Riding Hood – I am also working on a retelling of this fairytale as a young adult novel. Fun note: I originally wrote this as a middle grade work, then realized I suck at middle grade. As I contemplated some necessary revisions, the muse kept pointing to the ways I should instead transform what I have into a young adult novel – and away I go!

As always, thank you so much for your interest in my writing!!!

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